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With Haufe-Lexware, you reach persons responsible for human resources in a cross-media manner and across all of Germany. Reach professionals and executives in medium-sized as well as larger companies and corporations. Haufe-Lexware offers print and online carrier media that is well known in the industry: Personalmagazin, PERSONALquarterly und wirtschaft + weiterbildung are leading magazines in the German human resources segment. The online counterparts are the wide-reaching portals and newsletters.

The most important advertising media at a glance:

Performance Data

Performance Data Print  
Printed copies 46.555
Circulation 44.572
Copies sold 34.181
Subscriptions 5.519
IVW Quarter I/2017
Performance Data Online  
Page Impressions 947.200
Visits 672.800
As of: 04/2017
Performance Data Newsletter  
Subscriber 81.000
As of: 04/2017

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