Welcome to the new MediaCenter


Welcome to the new MediaCenter

Welcome to our new MediaCenter. We have completely revised the concept and redesigned the appearance for you.

Effective immediately, you can contact us under:

With the new Media Center, you can now find to the offers best suited for you through various channels and can filter and select them according to your wishes.

Access via "Target Market"

You know who you want to reach, but aren't yet familiar with our products? Then access via the target market is the right way for you. Here you will find a list of all the markets we serve and can click on them to receive detailed information on the target groups. From there, you can view all advertising media pertaining to the target market.

Alternatively, you can select a target market on the home page via the menu "Who do you want to reach".

Access via "Advertising Media"

Via the Advertising Media tab, you can gain insight on the range of our trade magazines, portals, apps and newsletters. Using the various filter options, you can select the hitlist of advertising media according to your wishes and requirements. Click on an advertising medium for further information and to view your advertising options.

Access via "Advertising Format"

Do you have a specific advertising format and are looking for a suitable advertising medium, or want to find out about the possible advertising formats in our portfolio?  Then the menu item "Advertising Formats" is the right place to start. Here you can also filter the hitlist according to your wishes. When you click on an advertising format, you will receive further information and from there you can display all advertising media in this format.

Access via "Campaign Objectives"

Are you unsure which advertising format is right for your marketing objective? The Campaign Objectives page will help you get your bearings. We will be happy to advise you and create an individual offer.  Just get in touch with us.

Access via "Job Market"

Are you looking for suitable experts and professionals for your company? Then you've come to the right place with the menu item "Job Markets". Here you will get an overview of the various target markets in which it is possible to place your job listing. Click on a target market to get detailed information about the target groups and your booking options.

Access via "Media Data"

You can access our 2015 media data 2015 via the menu item Media Data. We have also grouped them for you in the various target markets. There you will find all media data PDFs pertaining to this section.

Quick Link

You will find the Quick Links section on the home page. Here we have set up direct links to several points for you. You also have the option of going directly to the Job Markets, Media Data or to our White Paper Tip of the Month. In addition, you can also register here for our Media Sales Newsletter. We use this to inform you on a regular basis about exciting topics in the market or about new features and special offers.