zfo - Zeitschrift Führung + Organisation

zfo - Zeitschrift Führung + Organisation

We are confronted with management and organizational issues everywhere. As the leading German-language magazine in its field, zfo offers well-founded and up to date information on these issues as well as professional solutions by renowned authors from industry and science. zfo is the official entity of the societies for organization in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The magazine‘s readers include professionals and managers from the business world and the non-profit sector, business consultants and university lecturers.

Target audience:
Board members, managers, HR managers, business owners, management trainers, experts (HR development, e-learning, recruiting, etc.), management consultants

The following topics are covered in every issue:
• Management and leadership
• Organization
• Change management and organizational development
• Project and process management
• Business analysis

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Performance Data

Performance Data Print  
Printed copies 3,300
Subscriptions 3,000
Frequency 6 x year
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Human Resources

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Ad format Illustration Justification Type area Bleed* Price
1/1 page 178 x 253 mm 210 x 297 mm €2,800
1/2 page landscape 178 x 125 mm 210 x 148 mm €1,700
1/3 page portrait 56 x 253 mm 76 x 297 mm €1,250
1/3 page quer 178 x 82 mm 210 x 103 mm €1,250
* plus 5 mm bleed

Prices for special placements:

Inside front cover and outside back cover: 20% surcharge over the basic price.
1/3 page high next to the Editorial: 10% surcharge over the basic price.
1/3 page high next to the Table of Contents: 10% surcharge over the basic price.
Surcharge not subject to discounts. Bleed / gutter bleed without surcharge.

Prices valid as of 31/12/2019. All prices quoted excluding VAT. All prices for 4c, format specifications in mm.

Special advertising Formats

  • Bound insert

    Bound insert

    Dimensions: available on request
    Max. paper weight: 250 g/m²
    Price 1 sheets (2 pages): € 2,100
    Price 2 sheets (4 pages): € 3,100

  • Loose insert

    Loose insert

    Max. format: 200 x 280 mm
    Price total circulation: €1,750

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Frequency discount % Volume discount %
2 times or more 3% 2 pages or more 5%
6 times or more 5% 6 pages or more 10%
9 times or more 10% 9 pages or more 15%
Discounts on purchases within one year (contract year)

Payment terms:
Net within 10 days of invoice date

Agency commission:
15% when booking through an agency

Contact persons

Dominik Castillo Dominik Castillo

Phone +49 931 2791-751


Annette Förster Annette Förster

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Thomas Horejsi Thomas Horejsi

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Bernd Junker Bernd Junker

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