wi wohnungspolitische Informationen

wi wohnungspolitische Informationen

As the only German housing policy information service, every week, 51 times a year, wi wohnungspolitische
Informationen provides compact reports, written by journalists from the sector on all relevant
developments and decisions in the fields of housing policy on the EU, national and state level, tax policy, urban development policy, social policy related to the housing industry, energy policy (Energy Performance Certificate, EU initiatives for the future, funding).

With a clear presentation of information, decision-makers in the housing and real estate
industries are put into a position to competently assess and classify policy initiatives.

Target audience:
Housing associations/societies, regional development companies, associations of the housing industry and building societies, trust agencies, industries, ministries, federal and state parliament, journalists

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Printed copies 2,600
Frequency weekly
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Real Estate

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Type area: 183 x 265 mm

Advertising formats and prices available on request or in the media kits.

Prices valid as of 2018/12/31. All prices quoted excluding VAT. All prices for 4c, format specifications in mm.

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Payment terms:
Net within 10 days of invoice date

Agency commission:
15% when booking through an agency

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Klaus Sturm Klaus Sturm

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Sven Gehwald Sven Gehwald

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