Personalmagazin plus: Trends im Recruiting

Personalmagazin plus: Trends im Recruiting

Even today, the lack of skilled workers in several occupational groups and industries is a having significant impact on employers. In order for com-panies to be able to quickly fill their key positions in future, it is important to select the right channels and appropriate software support and to constantly adjust to changing demands and conditions. Service providers are providing increasing support in the optimization of processes.

Target audience:
HR managers, responsible persons for recruiting,
HR development, personnel officers, managing
directors and executives in SMEs

Special supplement in Personalmagazin 06/19

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Performance Data Print  
Printed copies 31,000
Frequency 1 x year
Date of Publication 2019/05/21
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Target Market

Human Resources

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Payment terms

Payment terms:
Net within 10 days of invoice date

Agency commission:
15% when booking through an agency

Contact persons

Dominik Castillo Dominik Castillo

Phone +49 931 2791-751


Bernd Junker Bernd Junker

Phone +49 931 2791-556


Michael Reischke Michael Reischke

Phone +49 931 2791-543


Klaus Sturm Klaus Sturm

Phone +49 931 2791-733