Newsletter Öffentlicher Dienst

Newsletter Öffentlicher Dienst

The newsletter reports on the latest developments in public service. Reporting daily and quickly on everything from current collective bargaining to new judgments and on to background information.

Target audience:
HR department heads, HR administrators in the public service sector, recruiters, lawyers, staff councils, mayor, treasurer, accounting chief officers, auditors, employees finance departments, cashiering and auditing

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Performance Data Newsletter  
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As of: 05/2019

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Public Services

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No. Ad format Dimensions Weight Price
1 Text Ad with Picture* 120 x 120 px max. 20 KB €650
2 ContentAD 300 x 250 px max. 50 KB €650
3 Promotional Area 500 x 250 px max. 50 KB €650
4 Skyscraper (NL) max. 200 x 600 px max. 50 KB €650

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GIF format: Outlook 2007 and 2010 only display the first frame without animation. For this reason, identical design of the first and last frames is recommended.

Prices valid as of 31/12/2019. All prices quoted excluding VAT.

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Frequency discount %
2 times or more 3%
6 times or more 5%
9 times or more 10%
Discounts on purchases within one year (contract year)

Payment terms:
Net within 10 days of invoice date

Agency commission:
15% when booking through an agency

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