Our portal for public services combines Haufe's proven expertise with Germany's largest network for public services.

Target audience:
HR department heads, HR administrators in the public service sector, recruiters, lawyers, staff councils, mayor, treasurer, accounting chief officers, auditors, employees finance departments, cashiering and auditing

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Public Services

Advertising Formats and Prices

Ad format Illustration Dimensions Price (CPM)*
Bigsize / Leaderboard 728 x 90 px €80
Billboard 970 x 250 px €120
Content Ad 300 x 250 px €100
Hockey Stick variable €100
Skyscraper left max. 200 x 600 px €80
Skyscraper right max. 200 x 600 px €80
Tandem Ad variable €100
Wallpaper variable €120
* Cost per mille (CPM) = Price of activation per 1,000 ad impressions

Formats: jpg, animated gif, swf, third-party tag
Weight: max. 60 KB per advertising material

You can receive information on special advertising formats and targeting options on request.

Prices valid as of 2018/12/31. All prices quoted excluding VAT.

Special advertising Formats

  • Advertorial


    Your ad with an editorial look and feel. Select your field of topics and the audience and coordinate the positioning, duration, text and images with us. After delivery of the content, we will take care of the implementation and management of your advertorials for you.

    Duration: 4 weeks
     available on request

  • Content Ad (mobile)

    Content Ad (mobile)

    You will receive further information on request.

  • Generating Leads

    Generating Leads

    Through we offer you the opportunity to generate leads on topics related to the field of public services. Together with us, you can hold a webinar or create your white paper available for download and we will generate high-quality addresses for you.

    Further information and an individual offer are available on request.

  • Topic Sponsorship

    Topic Sponsorship

    Our editorial team will make content available in the agreed framework and display it with your logo and "Presented by". We will coordinate the themes of the content together with you and the responsible editors.

    Price: available on request

Discounts and payment terms

Volume discounts %
€5,000 or more 3%
€10,000 or more 5%
€25,000 or more 10%
€50,000 or more 13%
€75,000 or more 15%
€100,000 or more 20%
Discounts on purchases within one year (year of conclusion, according to the price list, gross customer price)

Payment terms:
Net within 10 days of invoice date

Agency commission:
15% when booking through an agency

Provision of advertising material:
Send seven business days before the date of activation to:

Minimum volume:

Contact persons

Dominik Castillo Dominik Castillo

Phone +49 931 2791-751


Thomas Horejsi Thomas Horejsi

Phone +49 931 2791-451