Personalmagazin plus: bAV

Personalmagazin plus: bAV

Personalmagazin plus: bAV appears twice a year and reports on the main changes and current trends in the field of company pension schemes. This special issue provides concrete recommendations on the reliable and economic design of pension benefits by the companies.

Target audience:
Target group: »personalmagazin« is geared towards board members, CEOs, HR managers and corporate movers and shakers, who want to improve the work environment and make a contribution to their company’s success.

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Performance Data

Performance Data Print  
Printed copies 31,000
Frequency 2 x year
Date of Publication Spring 2019/03/19*
Date of Publication Autumn 2019/10/15**
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Target Market

Human Resources

Advertising Formats and Prices

Ad format Illustration Justification Type area Bleed* Price
1/1 page 210 x 280 mm 176 x 249 mm €8,400
1/2 page portrait 103 x 280 mm 85 x 249 mm €4,400
1/2 page landscape 210 x 143 mm 176 x 123 mm €4,400
1/3 page portrait 73 x 280 mm 56 x 249 mm €2,900
1/3 page landscape 210 x 101 mm 176 x 81 mm €2,900
* plus 5 mm bleed

Prices for special placements:
Inside front cover and outside back cover: 20% surcharge over the basic price.

Prices valid as of 2018/12/31. All prices quoted excluding VAT. All prices for 4c, format specifications in mm.

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Payment terms:
Net within 10 days of invoice date

Agency commission:
15% when booking through an agency

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